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Who We Are

Chifuti Safaris is owned by two of Africa’s most recognized and well respected professional hunters and safari operators, Andrew Dawson and Paul Smith, both life long residents of Zimbabwe. Chifuti Safaris has operated in the lower Zambezi Valley for nearly 2 decades, and has become one of the most respected safari operators on the African continent.

The personnel employed by Chifuti Safaris are the backbone of our continued success. Our administrative staff in Harare handles all the logistics of your safari from start to finish. You will find our well-trained camp managers, their staff, trackers, skinners will provide you with world-class service while you are in camp.

The professional hunters that we employ are the finest and most qualified guides in the world. The rigorous qualifications necessary to hold a professional hunters license in Zimbabwe are the most stringent in the hunting world, requiring years of training and apprenticeship. TheChifuti team of professional hunters is all very seasoned and has extensive experience with area and game you will be hunting.

Chifuti Safaris is represented exclusively by Safari Classics. Based in Dallas, Texas, owners Tim Danklef and Dave Fulson are well qualified to answer any and all questions you will have in order to book your adventure with Chifuti Safaris. Each spends several months a year in the camps, hosting clients, filming safaris or hunting themselves. Safari Classics will handle all aspects of booking your safari, including contracts, airline reservations, safari preparation, and scheduling a cameraman to film your safari if required.

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