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TV & Video

Chifuti Safaris has been the backdrop for many of the top rated television shows and DVDís on the market today.

Each year, Safari Classics Productions visits the Chifuti camps to film episodes of the top rated TV shows TRACKS ACROSS AFRICA and DARK AND DANGEROUS. These top rated shows air weekly on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.

In addition to this, the Chifuti Safaris has been prominently featured in all of Safari Classics Productions best selling DVDís dedicated to the safari hunting experience including Boddington On Buffalo I, Boddington On Leopard, The African Experience, Boddington On Buffalo II, Boddington On African Rifles and Boddington On Lion. In addition, Chifuti Safaris is also prominently featured in the newest releases Buffalo Fully Loaded, Patience and Pressure and Where Tracks Lead.




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