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Safari has been called the last great adventure.

No hunting destination on earth offers the combination of excitement, drama and danger, as does the Dark Continent. Her wild places and savage beauty hard to describe to one who have not been there, but Africa is the essence of adventure.

Every safari will generate a broad range of emotions and memories that will become fond remembrances that will last a hunter’s lifetime. Indeed, these are the very moments that bring people back time and time again.

All hunting is done in a very traditional manner, using the very best professional hunters and trackers. Custom fitted 4 wheeled drive vehicles enable the hunters to explore the vast and remote areas of the Zimbabwe bush. Regardless of the trophy you are hunting, you will enjoy the real Africa. Encounters with elephant and buffalo are a common occurrence, and you will often hear the call of a distant lion or the cough of a hunting leopard as you enjoy sundowners around the nightly campfire.

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